Di mana doktor wanita di dewan bersalin?

Oleh Dr. Maimuna Mohamed Amin

Seorang suami meroyan doktor bukan muhrim melihat aurat isterinya yang bersalin.

Sejak kebelakangan ini saya perasan ramai kaum Adam tidak berpuas hati dengan pihak Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) mengenai status doktor lelaki dibenarkan menceburi bidang Obstetrik dan Ginekologi (O&G) dan doktor wanita tidak cukup di hospital-hospital kerajaan dalam bahagian kepakaran wanita.

Tidakkah anda tidak pelik mengapa tidak ramai wanita di kalangan bidang perubatan memilih O&G sebagai kepakaran mereka? Adakah anda pasti pihak hospital menipu mengatakan bahawa doktor wanita tidak mencukupi di dalam dewan bersalin? Pernahkah anda berjumpa dengan mana-mana doktor wanita dalam bidang kepakaran wanita dan bertanyakan bagaimana harinya berlalu?

Ya benar, memang ramai doktor perempuan sekarang. Tetapi tahukah anda ada berapa banyak jabatan dalam setiap hospital yang memerlukan doktor?

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Colonialism, religion, and challenging daily homophobia in Malaysia

Continuing our analysis of life as a gay Malaysian (see our last post on a similar topic) is a guest post by Chrystoph, who is from Sabah and based in Kota Kinabalu. Chrystoph is also a theology student. In a set of questions prepared by Kakak Killjoy about the Malaysian obsession with anal sex, Chrystoph argues that this goes back much further into our colonial history:


Malaysia was a British colonization and most of our judicial system influenced by the British Common Law. Section 377 of the Malaysian Penal Code criminalizes sexual acts by inserting male’s genital into someone’s mouth or anus. With this so called common law prohibiting anal and oral sex, educated and well-informed Malaysian felt obligated to condemn such “unnatural” sex. This is a common Malaysian courtesy-mind to only engage in marital and reproductive sex. Unfortunately, many Malaysians think that anal and oral sex are only practiced by homosexual people and disregard the fact that many heterosexual Malaysians practice anal and oral sex as well. The so-called “sodomy” law has its own limelight in the public media when Anwar Ibrahim was convicted with the felony. Since that, Malaysian public assume anal penetration to be rape, bribe sex, consensual sin, barbaric and punishable therefore assume that homosexuality in general is a crime and shameful act. Continue reading “Colonialism, religion, and challenging daily homophobia in Malaysia”

Pesta Seks: Lessons From Sailor Moon

This is a guest post from regular commentor ikhlas.

I was introduced to Sailormoon by Naoko Takeuchi when I was 11 years old. I fell in love with the manga, collecting it religiously and rented the anime (which was in Mandarin without any subtitles) using the little pocket money that I had. I read the manga in Bahasa Malaysia and by the time the 7th tankoubon came out, I was hooked and happily addicted to these girls in sailor suits who were saving the world from the evil that was trying to take over the world (or Tokyo).

And then enter Haruka Tenoh (天王 はるか) and Sailor Uranus. Out of all the sailors and characters in the manga, she is most definitely my favourite.

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“I do but keep the peace”

This post originally appears here on the author’s blog.

I spent most of this morning absorbing the various comments about Bersih 2.0, both from the media and individual friends alike.

The most frequent anti-Bersih sentiment I encountered from people I actually knew was that people who support Bersih were disrupting the peace of Malaysia. “Malaysia is peaceful! If you don’t like it here, you should just leave!” This particular sentiment against the disruption of Malaysia’s peacefulness was really bugging me all morning, but I couldn’t figure out why, until I started browsing the pictures of Bersih solidarity rallies around the world and found this photo:

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I Haven’t Actually Been Called a Slut

Not that I know of anyway – no one’s said that to me in my face. I don’t even know if I’ve been called a harlot or a whore or any other synonym for a loose promiscuous woman.

People don’t often tend to associate me with sexuality, at least when they just see me and don’t really know about what I get up to. “Unattractive” or “ugly” would probably be more common insults, asides from “you Bangla”.

But the biggest reason though is because I spent all my life in a society and culture where people didn’t even talk about sexuality. That thing about how women are sexualised in society through ads and media and all that? Not where I came from! You were meant to be pure, innocent, untouched, sweet…”sweet” was actually a word that got used a hell of a lot as a compliment, come to think of it.

If you wanted to denote someone as slutty, trashy, harlot-like, you know what you’d call them?


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